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Health, Safety and Environment
Health and Safety

Health and safety come first, and they are the foundation for the company to conduct its business. Chifeng Gold regards the effective management and control of production-related health and safety risks in each production area as the priority. The company attaches importance to the elimination of all potential health and safety hazards and continuously improves the use of automation in production and improves health and safety management system.

Strengthen occupational health management and create a working environment that meets occupational health standards.

For construction projects that may cause occupational disease hazards, strictly implement the "three simultaneous" processes. Provide employees with effective protective facilities and personal protective equipment as needed, and conduct regular inspections, evaluations, and rectifications of occupational disease hazards in the workplace.

Implement the Safe Production Confirmation System, and Refine the Safe Production Responsibility Assessment

In recent years, Chifeng Gold has continuously revised and improved the "Safety and Environment Management Measures", "Safety and Environment Assessment Standards" etc., established a safe production responsibility mechanism, and incorporated safe production into the annual performance assessment. Since 2017, a safe development measure was implemented in each subsidiary. It has been demonstrated that this measure has played a positive role in improving the company’s safe production management.

Promote quality standard safe production

To improve safety and form a long-term mechanism of safe production, based on “comprehensive planning, staged implementation and progress in order” principle, establish and improve the standard safe production to better manage safety work. The company also organizes and holds excavation engineering quality and standard safe production experience meetings from time to time, to share with and learn from each other, and improve the overall standard safe production performance. In 2016, Chifeng Gold was recognized by the China Gold Association as the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" National Gold Standardization Outstanding Company, and Jilong Mining was promoted to the B-level of national standard safe production company.

Strengthen safe production at team level to lay a solid foundation for safe production

The team is the basic organizational unit of the company, and it is the foothold to improve the safety management and build a harmonious company. Through the development of team building activities, it can help to achieve the standardization of work requirements, the proceduralization of work steps, the digitization of work assessment, and the systematization of work management, thereby achieving long-term stable safe production.

Identify safety risks timely, manage and control risks properly, investigate, screen and mitigate future risks.

Establish a unified, standardized, and efficient safety risk management & control, and risks screening and mitigation mechanism, fully identify safety risks and develop a safety risks list. Effectively manage and control safety risks from the aspects of organization, system, technology, emergency response etc, to effectively prevent safe production incidents.

Proactively promote automation to improve safe production. Eliminate backward technology and equipment, and gradually achieve automated mining production, intelligent transportation and unattended large fixed plant operation.

Each mine operation has upgraded and replaced the hoisting and transportation equipment, underground support, power supply and distribution facilities, ventilation equipment and facilities that do not meet the safety requirements. The hoisting system and drainage system of the key new projects of the mine operations have achieved unattended operation.

Strengthen safety awareness

Focusing on improve safety awareness, by creating a safety culture system, starting with implementation of standard operation procedure, and based on building a harmonious environment of people, equipment, and environment, create an interincisal safe company. In 2016, the company was rated as a meritorious company for the 25th Anniversary of China Gold News’s founding. In the same year, the company was also awarded the honorary title of outstanding company of ideological and political work in China's gold industry during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period.


To prevent and control potential environmental incidents or emergencies, and minimize the possible consequences, Chifeng Gold adheres to the principle of people-oriented and prevention first, strengthens the environment monitoring and supervision, and establishes environmental risk prevention system to improve the ability to prevent and deal with environmental pollution incidents.

1、Adhere to unified leadership, classified management, strengthen coordination and cooperation among departments, and improve emergency response capabilities; make full use of existing resources and proactively get prepared in terms of awareness, materials, technology, and preparation. Regularly conduct training and drills to ensure effective response when needed. The company’s emergency response team consists of management, rescue team, technical support, and security.

2、In accordance with relevant policies and system, accountable departments will perform their duties accordingly and be responsible for incident management based on the types of the environmental incidents.

3、In the event of environment incidents, it is required to report in time. After the incident, the on-site personnel and emergency response personnel should activate the relevant emergency plan according to their duties and procedures and carry out timely and effective pre-treatment to control the situation.

4、The release of information on environmental incidents should be timely, accurate, objective, and comprehensive. When a major environmental accident occurs, it should be reported to the local environmental protection department in a timely manner, and the follow-up reports should be developed properly and submitted to relevant department.

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