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Company Overview

Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (Chifeng Gold) is a fast-growing international gold producer, mainly engaged in the mining ,metallurgical processing, and sales of gold globally.


The company owns 7 operating mines and 1 comprehensive resource recycling company in China, Southeast Asia and West Africa, including Jilong Mining - Zhuanshanzi Gold Mine, Wulong Mining - Wulong Gold, Huatai Mining - Honghuagou Gold Mine, Jintai Mining - Xidengping Gold Mine, Hanfeng Mining - Tianbaoshan Zinc-Lead-Copper-Molybdenum Polymetallic Mine in China, Sepon Au-Cu Mine in Laos, Golden Star Wassa Gold Mine in Ghana. The comprehensive resource recycling project is a disassembly business of waste electrical and electronic products conducted by Guangyuan Technology in Hefei, Anhui Province, China.


Adhering to the core value of "to benefit more people through the development of Chifeng Gold", we attach great importance to the environment, safety, humanistic care and social responsibility. We always adhere to high-quality sustainable development with high ESG standards and are committed to following the highest standards and best practices in the industry.


As a growing publicly listed gold company, Chifeng Gold is committed to "being a dedicated and professional gold mining company". Through continuous innovation of management mechanisms, maintaining cost competitiveness, increasing the acquisition and consolidation of gold resources, utilizing resources effectively, proper development, adhering to internationalization, we strive to become a globally welcomed major gold producer.

A7 Xiaojing, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing


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