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Sepon Gold Copper and Rare Earth Mine

Sepon Gold Copper and Rare Earth mine is operated and managed by Lane Xang Minerals Limited, a subsidiary of Chifeng Gold. It is in central and southern Laos, with an area of over 1,000 square kilometers. Most of the concession area is in Vilabouly district, Savannakhet Province, and some is in Khammuong province. The geological structure in the mine is complicated, but the ore-forming conditions are favorable, with a diversified deposit types. A number of Carlin -type gold deposits and skarn-type copper deposits have been found. Meanwhile, there are promising gold deposits, MVT-type lead and zinc deposits, and ion-type rare earth deposits potential. Chifeng Gold owns 90% of LXML, and Government of Laos owns 10%. In 2020, the main production of Sepon transferred from copper cathode to gold. In parallel, the company utilizes and optimizes the existing plant as much as possible to produce copper and generates additional revenue. In 2021, Sepon had a rare earth discovery in its concession area. Currently, the company is cooperating with Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd on a broader area to develop rare earth resources.

Learn more here:https://lxml.la/

Wassa Gold Mine

Wassa Gold Mine is operated and managed by Golden Star Resources (GSR). The mine is in the western province of Ghana, West Africa. It is a large-scale underground gold mine with satellite open pits. The ore is of the easy to process type. The annual primary ore throughput of the processing plant is 2.7 million tons/ year. Chifeng Gold owns 90% of GSR, and Government of Ghana owns 10% . The mine is in a favorable ore-forming area on the Ashanti Gold Belt. The prospecting potential in the concession area and its periphery is still big, which can strongly support the extension of the mine life. The Ashanti Gold belt is distributed from northeast to north -south, with a total length of about 250km and a width of 20-50km. Wassa gold area is on the eastern edge of the southern part of the Ashanti Gold Belt, with a strike length of about 70 kilometers. GSR is one of the big gold companies with the largest concession areas in Ghana.

Learn more here:http://www.gsr.com/

Wulong Gold Mine

Wulong Gold Mine is operated and managed by Wulong Mining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chifeng Gold. The mine is in Dandong city, Liaoning Province, China. It is a mine-to-process operation, Liaoning Province green mine and high & new tech company. Wulong Gold Mine is listed as key research mine in the national key project " Three-dimensional Structure and Metallogenic Prediction of Reexamined Metallogenic System in Liaodong ". It owns 1 mining license and 2 exploration licenses. The processing plant is highly automated and intelligent, one of the top five in China. As the main mine of Chifeng Gold, Wulong follows the principle of “building a big mine for large scale production”, focuses on gold business, increases mine reserves, implements key technical transformation projects and builds a digital mine, vigorously reduces costs, comprehensively increases production capacity, and speeds up the transformation to an international mine.

Zhuanshanzi Gold Mine

Zhuanshanzi Gold Mine is operated and managed by Jilong Mining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chifeng Gold. The project is in Aohanqi, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China. It is a mine-to-process operation, a national green mine and a new & high-tech company in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Zhuanshanzi Gold Mine is in one of the most important giant gold metallogenic belts in China. It owns 2 mining license, 2 exploration licenses with about 28 km2. Its ore deposit is of rare rich high-grade in China. The ore grade in the mining area is high, and easy to mine, hence the cost is low. The processing capacity is 450t/day, and currently, it is planned to expand to 1000t/day.

Honghuagou Gold Mine

Honghuagou Gold Mine is operated and managed by Huatai Mining, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chifeng Gold. The project is in Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China. It is a mine-to-process operation, Lianhuashan Mining Area No. five mining area of Huatai Mining is a green mine in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Honghuagou Gold Mine owns 6 mining licenses, 5 exploration licenses with about 15 km². The processing capacity is 250t/day.

Tianbaoshan zinc-lead-copper-molybdenum Mine

Tianbaoshan zinc-lead-copper-molybdenum mine is operated and managed by Hanfeng Mining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chifeng Gold. The project is in Longjing City, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province, China. It is a mine-to-process non-ferrous metal mine with zinc, lead, copper, molybdenum concentrate powder as the main products. it is a national green mine. Tianbaoshan zinc-lead-copper-molybdenum mine is in the "Key Exploration Area of ​​Important Mineral Resources" in China. It is a relatively large producer of copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, and other non-ferrous metal ores. It also engages in consulting services in terms of polymetallic mineral processing and separation technology, underground mining technology, and deep ground pressure monitoring technology. It owns 2 mining license and 1 exploration license. The approved annual mining production is 699,000t/year, which meets standard for large-scale deposits in China.

Xidengping Gold Mine

Xidengping Gold Mine is operated and managed by Jintai Mining, the company's holding subsidiary. The project is located in Eryuan County, Dali City, Yunnan Province, China, with one mining right and one exploration right, covering an area of 11.37 square kilometers. The mining and beneficiation project of Xidengping Gold Mine is in the construction period, and the design adopts the heap leaching and adsorption beneficiation process scheme. The initial design mining scale of the first phase is 140,000 tons/year, and the mining scale and gold output will be further increased after the exploration right is transferred to the mining right and the construction of the second phase project is completed.

Recycling of Waste

Guangyuan Technology is engaged in the recycling of waste. It is the only qualified company in Hefei, Anhui Province to process E-waste. It has passed the acceptance inspection by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and on the subsidy list of China’s National Waste Electrical and Electronic Products Disposal Fund. It has a processing capacity of 2.65 million sets of E-waste per year. Guangyuan Technology's business includes the dismantling of E-waste and power battery recycling. It uses internationally leading processing equipment and technologies to realize the waste reduction, utilization and hazard-free treatment, building a green industrial chain of “Urban Mining”.


The company has continuously increased its investment in exploration, significantly enhanced its cooperation with domestic and overseas scientific research institutions, universities, and world-renowned laboratories. Significant breakthroughs have been made in exploration and reserve increase in recent years. In LXML Sepon, the discovery of rare earth and discoveries of quartz vein-type easy-to-process gold belts in the east concession area indicate promising resources prospects. In Wulong, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Science and Technology designated the mineral concentration area of ​​the company as a key exploration target area, and also made the first deep hole drilling (3,000 meters deep) of solid minerals in northeast and northwest China drilled in the company’s mining area; there is a good potential to have exploration success in deep and outer area of the concession. Chijin International (HK) Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chifeng Gold signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Ajlan & Bros Mining Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajilan & Bros Holding Group. According to the agreement, both parties will invest in the newly established JV company (50:50) and conduct gold exploration activities in Saudi Arabia.

Sepon Gold Copper and Rare Earth Mine Wassa Gold Mine Wulong Gold Mine Zhuanshanzi Gold Mine Honghuagou Gold Mine Tianbaoshan zinc-lead-copper-molybdenum Mine Xidengping Gold Mine Recycling of Waste Exploration

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