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About us

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  • Vision
    To be a prominent gold producer well recognized around the world
  • Core Value
    To benefit more people through the development of Chifeng Gold
  • Operation principle
    Safety and sustainability. We insist on safety first and are dedicated to the sustainable development of the company;
    Diligence and perseverance. We create a better life through continuous hard work;
    Cooperation and responsibility. I assist the person in charge and I take charge when there is no person in charge;
    Transparency and honesty. We know each other's work. We do what we say;
    Learning and growth. We encourage learning and continuous improvement. We grow with the company;
    Respect and communication. We respect and trust each other. We enhance mutual understanding through close communication.
  • Corprate Culture
    Five Assessment Systems of Chifeng Gold Management Team The first is the entrepreneur-oriented pursuit of self-cognition and self-growth ability;
    The second is the ability regarding enterprise brilliance as glory, of radical transparency to the inside and radical openness to the outside;
    The third is the ability to assist in the completion of tasks assigned to co-workers;
    The fourth is the ability of comprehensive communication with team and work object;
    The fifth is the ability of leading and setting an example to subordinates in doing what the subordinates are required to do.

    Six Cultures of Chifeng Gold Management Team An equal culture with consistent interests and mutual respect;
    A growth culture that despises complacency and learns from each other;
    An open culture where people know what others are doing;
    A collaborative culture in which I assist the person in charge and I take charge when there is no person in charge;
    A survival culture in which enterprises are competitive internally, low-profile externally and open to the market;
    A harmonious culture that benefits the community and the environment.

A7 Xiaojing, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing


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