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Chifeng Gold is committed to the tenets of responsible mining, demonstrated since our inception more than ten years ago. Currently our operations are spread across six mines in Africa, South East Asia and China. This means Chifeng gets to benefit from the perspective and opinions of team members from different parts of the world joined together by our common value: ‘to benefit more people through the development of Chifeng Gold’. This will enable us to achieve our goal ‘to become a prominent gold producer well recognized around the world’.

As a business we focus on efficiency and how to continuously improve it. We should not give in to future uncertainty that characterizes our industry, but rather we should be masters of efficiency. We believe it is the platform for our growth. It is what will guide us during difficult times, now, and in the future. It is also what will make us achieve our potential.  To this end, we have chosen an Entrepreneurial Development model, in this model employees from middle level upwards become shareholders of Chifeng Gold, as joint owners and managers, in addition to being employees. We will grow together and share the benefits and outcomes that come with it. This model calls for long term thinking, backed by everyday decisions to ensure that Chifeng Gold succeeds.

We have strong foundations for the future. With efficiency, goodwill and respect we can build on this foundation. We will internally communicate effectively with each other to harness different opinions and perspectives. Externally, we will keep our investors and stakeholders informed of our progress. We will continue to create more sustainable governance systems to support environmental, social and economic growth for all our stakeholders.

As always, we value safety and we will hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in mining for the benefit of everyone associated with us.

The future is bright, let us work hard towards it! 

A7 Xiaojing, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing


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