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Home / Investors and Media / News / The Lao Government Awarded LXML's Environmental Responsibilities with a Certificate of Excellence (A)
The Lao Government Awarded LXML's Environmental Responsibilities with a Certificate of Excellence (A)

Lane Xang Minerals Limited Company (LXML) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Certificate of Excellent (A) by the Lao government in recognition of our exceptional implementation of the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP), especially for our commitment to environmental responsibilities in the 2023 investment project, specifically in the mining and copper processing project in Sepon-Vilabouly, Savannakhet province.

The certificate was presented to LXML at a handover ceremony held at the Board Meeting Room of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) on 17 January 2024 During the Summative Meeting to Review the 2023 Performance and 2024 Strategic Direction of the Natural Resources and Environment Sector at the Central Government Level. The certificate was presented by Dr. Saynakhone Inthavong, Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, and was received by Mr. Chanthone Naovalath, Deputy Director of LXML, and Mrs. Daomany Chanphakeo, Deputy Manager Corporate Affairs and Government Relations of LXML

Around 300 Companies applied for the certification, with a total of 74 that met the criteria. As a result, 25 were awarded Category C class, 35 received Category B class, and 14 achieved Category A class certificates, based on four criteria, including site inspection on ESMMP monitoring, budgeting for ESMMP monitoring, reporting incidents/accidents on time, and engagement-support-relation to the monitoring and other functions of MoNRE activities. The detailed list of the 14 top-performing projects, includes 2 Au-Cu mining projects, 7 hydropower projects, 3 cement projects, 1 plastic project, and 1 Sun-Paper project.

LXML Company was among the companies that have successfully implemented outstanding projects, met all requirements, and received a category A class certificate. This prestigious certificate is a testament to LXML's commitment to implementing and maintaining high standards of environmental management within its operations. It serves as a symbol of LXML's dedication to sustainable development and responsible environmental stewardship.

LXML is proud to receive this Certificate of Appreciation from the Lao government as it is a recognition of our ongoing efforts to operate as a good mining company and to contribute to the sustainable development of Laos. We are committed to upholding the highest environmental standards and will continue to prioritize the protection of the environment in all of our activities.

LXML is grateful to the Lao government for this recognition and remains committed to maintaining its position as a leader in environmental management within the country.

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