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Home / Investors and Media / News / LXML Awarded a Prestigious ASEAN Mineral Award 2023 in Mineral Processing – Metallic
LXML Awarded a Prestigious ASEAN Mineral Award 2023 in Mineral Processing – Metallic

Vientiane Capital, 29 November 2023 - Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) has been awarded the 1st Runner Up ASEAN Mineral Award in Mineral Processing – Metallic, a prestigious recognition that highlights the company's commitment to sustainable mining practices. The announcement was made by the Board of Judges Meeting of the 3rd ASEAN Minerals Awards, held in Cambodia on 21-22-23 November 2023.

The award acknowledges LXML as a leading mineral processing company in Laos with exceptional performance in meeting the criteria of community development, contribution to the ASEAN minerals supply, human resource development, productivity, resource efficiency, and value-added benefits for sustainability. LXML's health and environmental safety performance, as well as its operations and maintenance program, were also taken into account. The company's innovative practices and system processes that have resulted in higher efficiency further enhanced its eligibility for the award.

As a responsible mining company in the Lao PDR, LXML is committed to the best practices in environmental management and sustainable socio-economic development. The ASEAN Mineral Award is a symbolic testament to the company's mining excellence, promoting environmentally and socially sustainable mineral development, disseminating best practices, and encouraging the private sector to participate in standardized environmental management while contributing to community development and stakeholder relations.

LXML's participation in the awards competition, led by Mr. Saman Aneka, Managing Director of LXML, and his delegations, Mr. Chanthone Naovalath, Vice-Managing Director, Mr. Devy Dyson, Senior Superintendent-Processing, Mr. Katia Juevaxaiki, Superintendent Communications and PR, and presentation to the Board of Judges session by Mr. Jeremy Davidson, Vice General Manager – Mining Operations & Security of LXML, showcased the company's best practices in mineral processing to the judges at ASEAN level.

This award was an excellent opportunity for LXML to bring its brand name to the international level and strengthen regional cooperation while encouraging the private sector to participate in dealing with the best safety, environment management, and sustainable community development as top priorities. This achievement is a testament to the company's management of the environment and commitment to follow sustainable mineral development at international standards.

LXML's appreciation and honor for the ASEAN Mineral Award is a significant achievement, and the company is continuing and looking forward to contributing to Lao PDR's sustainable development in the current and future. LXML will continue to strive for excellence in the mining industry while maintaining its commitment to environmental sustainability and community development.

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